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Weinvite and welcome visitors on website.This aim of this website is to assist customers to gather travel information,post reviews/opinions on their travel related experiences/issues, engage themin travel related forums so that they gather maximum information on the travelindustry/Cities/Countries around the world. By accessing or in any manner, it is considered that you have EXPRESSLY AGREEDAND CONSENTED to be bound by the agreement/terms and conditions, as if you hadsigned this agreement. Please read the agreement/terms and conditionscarefully. If you do not accept all of these terms and conditions, please donot use this website. We suggest visitors of to return to thispage periodically to review the most current version of the reserves the right at any time, at its sole discretion, tochange or otherwise modify the agreement without prior notice, and yourcontinued access or use of this website signifies your acceptance of theupdated or modified/amended agreement.


Allprices displayed for the products and services on are subjectto change without prior information or notice and prices you see while makingthe booking may not be final until the full payment for the product or serviceis made at the end of the booking process. 

Prices on shall be inclusive or exclusive of booking fee,hotel taxes, airport taxes, port taxes or any other applicable government taxes& VAT, etc. Availability of any product or service is subject to change atany point in time, even while finalizing the booking, which can lead to pricevariation, depending upon the basis of available room type in the hotel, flightbooking class, cruise cabin, etc. at that point in time. Customer shall beliable under law to pay any tax, cess, duty etc., by whatever name called,imposed by any instrumentality of state, and with respect to the transactionentered with the customer and it shall be recoverable from the customer, evensubsequently after the availing of travel services by the customer.