Best Hotels In Coxs Bazar Near Sea Beach

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December 27, 2020

About Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar is most popular fortourists for its long natural sandy sea beach. Cox’s Bazar is a town on thesoutheast coast of Chittagong District In Bangladesh. Cox's Bazar has thelargest unbroken sea beach on the planet, which stretches quite 120 kilometers.The entire sea beach is a stretch of golden sandy sea beach, which you canreach by motor-bike. Cox's Bazar Sea Beach gets really busy from November toearly March. If you would like to avoid the herd of both domestic andinternational tourists, then the most effective time to take a visit therewould be between April and September, preferably April and June. In thisarticle, we will discuss Cox’s Bazar sea beach attractions and how to bookthe best hotels in Cox’s Bazar near sea beach.

Best Tourist Attractions in Cox’s Bazar 


Cox’sBazar is known for its top attractions with many places to go to and explore.Sea beaches are the most attractive and delightful parts of this city wherepeople enjoy thoroughly. There are many other attractions also and lots ofexciting and interesting things to try and do in Cox’s Bazar. Let’s scrollright down to know more about the best attractions of Cox’s Bazar.


  1. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari ParkInani Beach
  2. Himchari
  3. Aggmeda Khyang Monastery

Best Hotels in Cox’s Bazar


Ifyou want to make really enjoyable your trip, hotel booking is one of the mostimportant parts of your trip. To get the best hotel for yourself with the mosteffective services, when traveling is that the most vital thing to book thefirst and to have knowledge about them than below mentioned Best hotels inCox’s Bazar will assist you out.

HotelSea CrownPrimePark Hotel ExoticaSampan
WindyTerrace Boutique HotelRoyalTulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & SpaHotelElaf International
VistaBay ResortBestWestern HeritageBeachWay
HotelAuster echoPraasadParadiseHotelWater Orchid

How to Book Cox’s Bazar Hotel near Sea Beach

Thereare lots of hotels in Cox’s Bazar. So it’s really confusing to find and bookthe best hotels in Cox’s Bazar near the sea beach. Below mentioned Best Cox’sbazaar hotels near sea beach will assist you out.

Best Western HeritagePraasadParadiseLongBeach Hotel
BeachWaySayemanBeach ResortRoyalTulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

Book Best Hotel in Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka

OrchidPlaza (5th floor), House No.2 RoadNo.28 (New No.15)Mirpur Road

DhanmondiDhaka-1209, Bangladesh.

Mobile: +8801999034854


Things to Do in Cox’s Bazar


Itis a must to explore and luxuriate in the things once you are on a tour. Andalso it's an excellent experience and fun to travel through the things of thenative place and do interesting things. Scroll right down to know whatinteresting stuff you can do or enjoy in Cox’s Bazar.

Thethe main reason to go to Cox’s Bazar is for its long beautiful beaches. It’sexcellent fun to explore or enjoy for a fast paddle.

•Maha Thin Daw Gree, a shrine housing lots of Buddhist effigies, hidden amongthe trees this place is wonderful.

•Mermaid Cafe serves the tasty and best food in such cool surroundings, thedishes are sumptuous and delicious, and you must try the food here.

•Cruises of Cox’s Bazar can take tourists to a whole new level of luxury andfun. You’ll get plenty of activities to enjoy here.

How to Travel from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar?

Dhakato Cox’s Bazar total the distance of almost 400 Kilometer and you can go fromDhaka to Cox’s Bazar by Air, Bus, and Train.


By Air - Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Flight:

Thereis a minimum of 11-13 flights daily that move to and from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazardaily. It takes around 1 hour to fly from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. BimanBangladesh, Us-Bangla, and NovoAir is a company that provides daily Dhaka toCox’s Bazar flight services. If you're in hurry or don't want to waste time onthe journey, you must fly Cox’s Bazar by Airplanes.

Book Lowest Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Flight Ticket Here:

Thereis lots of travel agency in Dhaka, who sales Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar FlightTicket. But Merlin Tours &Travel providesthe lowest price of any airline ticket in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Find the address,Phone number, and E-mail of Merlin Tours& Travel Below.

OrchidPlaza (5th floor), House No.2, RoadNo.28 (New No.15),

MirpurRoad, Dhanmondi Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh.

Mobile: +8801999034854


Website: //

By Bus: Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar

Busservices to Cox’s Bazar are quite cheap and also the commonest and convenientway to go there. There are many buses that go there from Dhaka daily. It takes8 to 9 hours to achieve your destination depending on the traffic on the road. Greenline,President Travels, Tuba Line, Desh travels, Shohagh, Shyamoli Paribahan, HanifEnterprise, Silk Line is really well-reputed in bus services.


By Train: Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar


Thereare not any direct train services to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka. You need to taketransit. You have to go to Chittagong via train, then you have to rent a carotherwise you can go by local bus. There are quite five trains you'll fancy togo Chittagong.


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